Brian Metatron

Brian Metatron Photo by Joey Chaos

Brian Metatron

Brian Metatron AKA Brian Clarence Hartlen is a multi-instrumental progressive electronic musician from the West Coast of Canada. His debut album Transcend was released October 30 2015. It was produced by Brad Wutke, Joey Chaos and A. Walker.

Brian Metatron - Transcend


Transcend is a mix of progressive rock, industrial and electronic beats. Brian’s belief is that music can speak to us on a subconscious level much deeper the just the black and white keys. He strives to make music that is dense and universal, taking bits of jazz, classical, progressive, tribal and electronica to craft his vision.

Brian has performed as a multi-instrumentalists in numerous band including guitar for Tribal Machine and drums for Joey Chaos & The Ghosts. He is trained in sitar, cello and percussion and has honed multiple vocal techniques including the circular breathing necessary for didgeridoo and throat singing.

Transcend was recorded with minimal takes. Brian’s belief is that the living, organic spirit of music can be captured in the act of spontaneity. If one were to maintain the imperfections and let the music breathe, the spirit of the feeling is maintained throughout the mix.

Brian Metatron - Everything the Remixes

Everything the Remixes

To coincide with this album Brian has also orchestrated the release of Everything the Remixes which features the lead single Everything and a series of remixes created by electronic artists from the Pacific Northwest, Nunavut, and Germany. Everything the Remixes includes works by Buyproduct, Dead Hippie Squadron, Teddybare, DJ WestWolf and TweakerRay who has produced remixes for Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and Nine Inch Nails.